Welcome to Your 7-Day Feminine Activation


Hey, beautiful! 

You made it... you're in.

I created this powerful 7-Day Feminine Activation just for you - my gift to you - so you can join this movement of thousands of women across the globe claiming their Luminous Light and get started straight away on your path to embodying your most delicious, juicy, unstoppable, fierce goddess self.

You know she's in there, and you've seen peaks of her...

But up until now, she's been elusive and hard to pin down!

I get it..

But that's about to change honey.

She's already, YOU.

It's just time to unravel the low vibe stories + old stubborn conditioning, habits and patterns that cloud that truth.

It’s time for a pattern interrupt!

We’re living in unprecedented times, and we need you, activated, centred, strong + making waves .. just by being your fully expressed, powerful self.

This 7-Day Feminine Activation is going to help you jumpstart your journey from disconnected and disempowered to owning your feminine fire and starting a more fulfilling and delicious chapter in your life.

Grounded in your lush, sacred femininity.


Go from

Feeling anxious and experiencing low self-worth

Being disconnected from your power, your body and your feminine essence

Externalising your power to outer circumstances, places, people and perfectionist ideals

Oscillating between your toxic masculine (go go go, goal-absorbed) energy and toxic feminine (confused, anxious) energy

Feeling unworthy of living the life of your dreams - or completely clueless about getting there!

Thinking your femininity is weakness and something that could block you from getting ahead and creating success on your own terms

Rushing through your days forgetting to tap into your sensuality and the infinite power in your pleasure


Understanding that your power lies in your feminine energy (Shakti) and how to connect to it and harness it

Taking steps to embody a balanced energy of helpful, supportive masculine energy with your creative, sensual feminine fire

Releasing low self-worth and taking your self-worth to the next level.

Unapologetically owning your dreams.. and taking steps to shift your vibration and create instant manifestations

Realising your femininity is the key to your power, purpose, pleasure, grounded spirituality and success.. and starting to powerfully embody that truth

Taking time out throughout your day to create pockets of self-care, slowness and pleasure so you can show up expanded, crystal clear, sensual and on fire!

Finally creating real change.. and a making a potent jumpstart to your metamorphosis



So… let’s do it!

It’s time to own your power. It’s time to get activated.

I sincerely trust that these little nuggets I will share with you daily will help you ground deeper into your feminine power and bliss.

And if you’ve known you’ve been wanting to work with me or start this kind of shift in your life - well, this is your week to jumpstart that amazing, life-changing process! You, and me.

Completely free.

One thing - please promise me you’ll actually DO the course.

Sometimes when we get free things we don’t take them as seriously! You’ll want to do this, it will take just minutes out of your day ...

And yet can potentially change SO much.

And guess what? Because it has some of the most potent information and tools that have helped me completely transform my life and that of my private clients, initially it was going to be priced at $33 on my web shop, but I decided I wanted as many women to have access to these nuggets as possible.. so I scrapped that idea and made it my gift to you instead.

To say thank you for being here.

And helping us create a bigger shift in consciousness and a return to a more balanced, loving world starting with a return to the divine feminine consciousness and a more sacred, sovereign way of being, for all.

It starts with every one of us…

So let me know how it goes! I’m always only a message away.

I'm so excited you're here.


P.S. You’ll need to create an account to access your materials securely! Just click the link below to get started.


PSSST: Give yourself 20 mins, privacy and a jourNal/notebook and pen for your daily practice!