Day 1 | Breath Activation


breath activation


DAY 1.

Let’s do this.



The portal to your divine essence, your power, and your embodied presence lies here…. yes.. in your BREATH.

Often we forget to breathe and become so wrapped up in our minds + the intricate stories we weave in every moment...

Even as conscious, aware beings, who do yoga, meditate and drink the green juice…holding our breath or shallow breathing through life’s topsy turviness can become an easy to fall into trap!

Why is shallow breathing so detrimental? It activates the fight or flight sympathetic nervous system which amps up cortisol and adrenaline in the body causing a lot of stress on your whole mind-body. It also mean you are getting way less oxygen than your body and brain needs and heightens anxiety, brain-fogginess and lethargy/low-energy.

That all takes you out of your feminine pleasure flow state - and out of your power.

On this journey of Feminine Activation, we are going to be learning to connect with our Shakti - our primal sexual life force energy, also known as our Kundalini.

The first port of call to connect to that is the breath.


The breath is the elixir of all of life. 


We all know the cliché - without it, we literally have no life….

But just because it works on autopilot, magically, like the rest of our organs and systems besides the lymphatic system - (heart beating non-stop, digestive system going) we often forget to tap into it as a source of our own power.

It’s time to change that.

And even if you are already conscious of your breath and do regular pranayama (yogic breathing) exercises, we can always, always go deeper with the breath, and always benefit from reminders and tool upgrades.

Here I will show you some breathing/meditation techniques that work more specifically with accessing your sacred feminine energy and activating your sexy, sensual, sacred Shakti.

Watch your stress levels go down, anxiety diminish and a return to (or completely new experience of) a sense of feminine flow.

Watch the below for your first activation and be sure to practice for our 7 days, and hopefully, if you can get to 40 days, you will have created a new powerful habit that will serve you - mind, body and soul - and your divine feminine essence, for years to come.

Can’t wait to see how this shifts things for you.

Comment below if you have any questions & to share your experience with others!





Guided Breath + Activation Meditation

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