Day 2 | Heart Activation


heart activation


DAY 2.

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The centre of your peace, compassion, soul-connection, and the trigger-point for awakening your sensual Shakti, lies in your HEART.

For so many years as women we can have experiences that literally close and create walls and literal energetic shields around our heart centre.

It can be awful heartbreak, PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) trauma, or even just one or a few disappointing experiences - and we can unconsciously or consciously close ourselves up to love, including our own self-love.

Emotionally - when life doesn’t go the way we expect it to.. (and it never really does) .. we may find ourselves feeling cynical, bitter and vulnerable and in order to not feel pain again, we numb ourselves, and create a resistance and block to vulnerability and self-appreciation as a defence mechanism.

And we close. Right. Up.

Physically - the heart is connected to the breasts. We’ve been conditioned to hide our chests and shrink back from opening our radiant hearts to the world. Imagine what this does to our energy when our breasts are hidden instead of celebrated - when they are literally designed to stick out and make themselves known!

They are literally the first thing that enters a room when we walk in, obviously depending on our breast size but even with the smallest chest, if our posture is correct, it will be true for any woman… yet when we disown our breasts and close off our hearts this powerful feminine centre no longer activates us and carries the powerful energy that it’s designed to.

We learn it’s not safe to be sexy. To open our hearts.

I live in Bali where the women traditionally walked around topless, with sarongs from the waist down. Their breasts were seen as natural, beautiful aspects of them - not entirely sexual, although they are that as well.

Breasts sustain life and were created to support our young to grow strong.

And to make us delicious and beautiful!

But the over sexualization of women’s bodies have caused so many of us to feel shame around our bodies and our sexiness and natural beauty, and many woman feeling free in their skin be labelled whores or worse…


Times are changing and we are reclaiming our feminine wholeness.

In tantra, the breasts are known as the positive pole to the negative pole of the yoni, or sacred temple


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