DAY 1.


breath activation


Welcome Beauty!

DAY 1.

Let’s do this.

It’s time to activate the breath of life.

The portal to your divine essence, your power, and your embodied presence lies here…. yes.. in your BREATH.


Often we forget to breathe and become so wrapped up in our minds + the intricate stories we weave in every moment...

Even as conscious, aware beings, holding our breath or shallow breathing through life’s topsy turviness can become an easy to fall into trap!

It activates the fight or flight 

On this journey we are going to be learning to connect with our Shakti - our primal sexual life force energy, also known as our Kundalini.

The first port of call to connect to that is the breath.

The breath is the elixir of life. 

We all know the cliche - without it, we literally have no life….

But just because it works on autopilot, magically, like the rest of our organs - (heart beating, digestive system going) we often forget to tap into it as a source of our own power.