Are you disconnected from the innate power and the wisdom that lives in your feminine body?

Do you often feel stuck, lost, uninspired, dissatisfied, and exhausted?


These questions are very near and dear to my heart because, I spent so many years feeling disconnected from my body, my innate sensuality and femininity; so many years feeling uncomfortable in my skin, and unable to figure out exactly how to bring my desires to life.

And I see this in so many women around me.

Perhaps this resonates:

You want peace, happiness, and your dreams to come to life so deeply - but it all feels like a million miles away.

No matter what you do, you feel stuck in the same old story. 

You want to, desperately, feel at peace in your skin and actually ENJOY your day, but rather find yourself thinking instead about how you look, what you should be doing instead - and usually what you are doing or how you do look is not (and almost never) good enough in your eyes.

You feel an underlying, simmering, longterm energy of guilt, shame, and dissatisfaction, but you're so used to it you often forget it's there and can't identify it - you just know you're generally not truly happy, and probably very frustrated.

You know there's so much more inside of you. You deeply feel your potential. You know you are here for more than the mundane.

I get it. For many years if my life I felt like no matter what I did - I wasn't good enough, and happiness was fleeting and short-term and generally eluded me.

I looked outside for what I thought was happiness, and validation.

My day went well if it was a 'good body day'. If not - it was hell.

I was waiting for that day when I would become 'perfect' and therefore, lovable.


I bought into mainstream culture, believing that when I looked perfect and achieved a bunch of external things I would then be worthy of love and admiration.

After some traumatic experiences as a young child which greatly affected the trajectory of my life, I battled with low self-worth, an eating disorder and body image issues for decades and found myself constantly searching for approval outside of myself.

I really, deeply believed that if I reached that ideal image that I saw of myself in my head - I would be happy!

I had no idea at the time that everything I learnt was programming from pop-culture, society and others - and that I was not being true or authentic to me.

Until I did.


I got tired with the expectation and obsession of perfection (beauty, body, achievements, accomplishments, titles, etc) that I had bought into.

I got tired of religious teachers telling me that God was far away, outside of myself and would get angry if I didn’t conform to X,Y,Z. I felt over the fact that I would never feel God in my traditional prayer, and if I thought I did, it was this angry male figure looming above on a cloud instead of the Universal Loving Intelligence I knew God truly was, deep inside.

I got tired of dealing with hormonal problems, supposed infertility, absent periods and having my doctor tell me the only way out was with synthetic hormones or surgery.

I got tired of believing that all I was was what I saw in the mirror (which was rarely okay, let alone great in my eyes).

I got tired of unhealthy, unfulfilling relationships and depending on others for my happiness.




I found a new way, a way available to us all.



Because there always comes a time when enough's enough -

And you have a decision to make.

"Self-love, no matter what" became my new motto - and unconditional love the energy I lived by; and discovering the power in the words I could choose and use - my new science and obsession.


I began eating whole foods, practicing ashtanga power yoga and meditation (which was a life-changing moment when I started) and quite simply, learning! I got my hands on any book or course on mastering my energy, expanding my awareness of my spirituality, my inner world, the cosmos, astrology, whole food nutrition, and holistic living.


When self-help hit a wall for me, I started working with my first holistic health coach and the first of many high-level mentors; got introduced into this world of personal development and healing, healed my PCOS naturally, balanced my weight, came home to my feminine body and power - and got my periods back. I started learning what true self-love was all about,

.. and thus begun my deep dive into this world of magic, healing, transformation and empowerment.

Through pain - came growth.

I gradually left my previous career of branding and design and dove into holistic health coaching and teaching my beloved yoga.

My life completely changed.

My appearance, body, or external achievements no longer dictated my happiness and inner self-worth.

I became magnetic to everything I desired.

I came home to my Soul and Higher Self.

I owned my power in work and relationships.


I started creating community, empowering other women with the tools I learnt, and following my heart in every aspect of my life.

I woke up to the rising Divine Feminine energy and found my true calling - supporting women through their own ascension path.


I was finally free. Happy. Glowing. 


And I started seeing all my personal challenges for what they truly were: as guides, teachers, and absolutely perfect because they brought me into deeper self-awareness, acceptance and self-reverence... and to creating my life's work, Luminous Femme.


Are you ready to find true alignment, peace, power and happiness in your feminine body?


I've been through a lot over my 15 years in my personal and awakening journey, learnt invaluable lessons, tools, and ancient wisdom; and have made it my life's mission to help you rise above your own challenges and flourish into the highest version of you that you truly are.

By reconnecting you to your own inner feminine genius, power, and intuition.

And here's the thing - it’s NOT about being Perfect - it’s about being YOU.

It’s about living, breathing and being your Sacredness - or what I call your Sacred Self..

which is..

Radiant, Vibrant, Free, Powerful, Embodied, Pleasure-filled, Sovereign, Aligned, Magnetic, You.

Which is how you will feel by the end of our time together.

That's what this is all about. Coming home to You. The You you always knew was there - but looked for on the outside.

It's my hope that LF becomes a place for you for real-talk, healing, and bonding in sisterhood.


Welcome, beautiful - I can't wait to meet you.


So much love,

Heba is bringing the women’s empowerment movement to the Middle East.
— Ruby Warrington, Author, Material Girl, Mystical World



HEBA TALLAH IS THE FOUNDER AND CREATOR OF LUMINOUS FEMME, A SACRED FEMININE GLOBAL MOVEMENT AND LIFESTYLE BRAND, birthed out of the rise of the divine feminine and the current global awakening flooding the planet. 

Heba Tallah is a sacred feminine embodiment guide and transformational coach/mentor wildly passionate about holding space for and facilitating incredible shifts with the women she works with. With a background as a RYT200 yoga teacher (Yoga Alliance International) and Certified Holistic Health Coach she uses plant foods and other gifts from the earth and intuitive movement as embodiment tools and medicine for the soul and body, and sacred lifestyle techniques and pathways to expand in limitless love for self and all, bliss and sacred soul purpose.

Heba helps guide you to release old blocks, dissolve limitations, and discover your Sacred Self - an integration and embodiment of your connection to Source/Creator, your innate limitlessness, your natural radiance and your sacred feminine power - for a Sacred Lifestyle of freedom, alignment, purpose, magnetism and joy.

LF was created out of a deep desire to share the wisdom and quantum leaps experienced through tapping into these shifts so that every woman discovers and reclaims her own power, beauty and grace.

Its purpose is to create a sacred container for women to release what no longer serves and to embody their natural divine radiance, inner wisdom and knowing. To release buried shame, guilt, fear and unconscious blocks and reclaim their divinity, grace, beauty, power and intuition; diving into the healing balm alive within their sacred sensuality. To embrace sacred, beautiful, holistic living in tune with the cycles - of body, nature, and life.

Heba is dedicated to the rise of the Divine Feminine and supporting women everywhere to reclaim their divine power and birthright of living a sacred, nourishing and joyful life in sisterhood.

She founded Luminous Femme as a platform for women everywhere to Rise in Love, get support, awaken, heal, transform, expand and ascend.