Hey angel. Thanks for finding your way here.

I don’t believe in coincidences, and trust you’re here to find something big or small, maybe a spark to light your way, maybe a deeper dive.

Whatever it is, I am honored to have you.

My role is helping you to nourish your sacred feminine energy, integrate all your inner energies and archetypes, clear your past and all the blocks keeping you stuck and deeply remember, nurture and embody your Shakti (sacred feminine sensual life force energy) which comes through as your magnetism, radiance, and message for the world, so you can live your truth fully and completely.

You are a conscious switched-on change-maker goddess, and I know that deep down you know it.


I’m here to remind you that you are…


Deeply beautiful. Incredibly worthy. Naturally radiant. The divine made manifest. And a cosmic, wild force of life itself.


I’m here to put the mirror up to show you how multi-dimensional and multi-faceted you are.

I do not tend to resonate with titles, as they
typically shift, feel limiting and say very little about the service actually being offered. But I like to consider myself a DIVINE FEMININE NEW EARTH PARADIGM LEADER.

And of the many things I Am, I’m a multi-dimensional Creatrix, teacher, healer, priestess, guide, writer, mystic, poetess, yogini, artist, and transformational coach, mentor and speaker to women and men around the world.

I Am here to put the mirror up to show you how multi-dimensional and multi-faceted you are, too.

My mission for many years has been to share my insight, experience, stories and practices around divine feminine christ consciousness, sacred sensuality, wayshowership and true, integrated well-being, and how to show up as an awakened woman in a hectic, changing, sometimes absurd world.


i’m here as a guide to sHow you how to stand and reclaim the divine feminine power within, and shine - unapologetically.




For as long as I can remember I’ve heard the call to assist in ‘elevating the consciousness of humanity’, even before I knew what that meant.


What that triggered in me was a relentless, intuitive pursuit of my mission and following the divinely-led intuition which has brought me to where I am today.

I’ve created this platform and portal for you, not so much for me.. for us really. To rise together during a time when we are watching the world shift from a very dense, asleep place towards the light of a new era, prophesied for eons and one many of us are already living. #Timelines.

And as we rise together, and simultaneously deepen into our Feminine, we are being invited to remain rooted through the chaos and falling apart of the old Patriarchal paradigm that these times bring.

I believe that we are the bridge-makers to this new earth, and the next Golden Age.. sometimes before we even know it.

If you’ve heard the call to rise and somehow share your gifts, be of assistance, or even simply just nurture yourself and come into a more nourishing relationship with yourself and into the frequency of your integrated feminine consciousness, body, and soul - you are home now.

This is what I’m here for.

My own coach and mentor calls me an ‘expert at nourishing feminine energy’. Also known as Shakti, Kundalini, and sexual energy - the life-force energy that is the starting point for all life.

Which is why I’ve made it the vital foundation to springboard from.

Everyday I share lessons and help coach others through social media, my online courses, writing, and mentorship program, and upcoming signature international retreats and events.

Taking my clients aka soul partners in hand and heart and guiding them to their Fully Embodied sacred-selves is my passion and specialty.

If this resonates book a complementary call and see if our soulmate status is for real and we are meant to work together.

I can’t wait to get to know you and support you on this wild, beautiful ride!



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