Luminous Femme

LUMINOUS FEMME is a community and movement created by Heba Tallah.


I created Luminous Femme as a sacred container for women to release what no longer serves and to embody their natural divine radiance, inner wisdom and knowing. To release buried shame, guilt, fear and blocks and reclaim their divinity, grace, beauty, power and intuition. To dive into the healing balm alive within their sacred sensuality  - and the magic that comes from holistic living in tune with the cycles - of body, nature, and life.


Explore your potential and unblock yourself from limitations, past fears and challenges. Free yourself and discover that everything you ever wanted was inside of you, waiting to be unlocked.


If you are uninspired, depressed, anxious, confused, overwhelmed, listless, tired, chronically fatigued, shaming your body and/or stressed, hormonally imbalanced, infertile or experiencing low-libido,

you are more than likely disconnected from your sacred, sensual feminine energy, or Shakti - the true source of your embodied power as a woman.


And Luminous Femme is here to support you in activating your Shakti and reclaiming your power.


What is Shakti?

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Shakti is the sacred/divine feminine, primal life force energy (also known as chi, prana, kundalini) that creates everything - in the Universe, in nature, our bodies, and our lives.

It's the activating, creative, generative power and energy, complementing the masculine force, which is pure, steady consciousness (Shiva). You can think of Shakti as the dancer twirling, full of feminine color and expression, and Shiva as the masculine pillar standing tall, upright, and still, holding her as she flows and moves and 'colors outside the lines'. Shakti is our feminine creativity and she lives in each of us in our wombs; the area of our sacral chakra, the second chakra, housed in the sacrum, the base of the spine. When your sacred feminine energy is flowing, - your Shakti is activated - and your life feels like it is flowing; you feel nurtured, expansive, creative, receptive, open, full of pleasure, limitless and in your power. You are connected to your body, you womb wisdom, and the intuition that lives within. When Shakti is not activated you will feel dry, tired, constricted, and limited, and definitely not empowered.. and completely disconnected from your body and the sacredness within your skin.

Most women these days are operating out of their WOUNDED masculine energy - which will feel like never ending to-do lists, work that keeps coming, giving and giving without allowing themselves to receive, and constantly on the go and in their heads.

But the reverse can also be true - some women are too much in their feminine energy without relying on the masculine to balance the creativity and flow with structure, stability and consistency.

The entire world is now operating on the (wounded) masculine principle but this has thrown our health, happiness and the health and happiness of the planet out of whack. War, aggression, borders and competition is the 'norm', when it is anything but.

Mother Earth always operates in her sacred feminine energy, and every time we are in nature she invites us to come back to ours..

It is time to embrace our empowered feminine AND masculine within, regardless of gender, and come back to a place of nourishment, self-care, harmony and community.

You being here, is a signal, that you are being invited to discover and activate yours and embark on a new, fulfilling adventure..




What is Shakti + Sacred Self Activation?


Shakti Activation is the conscious connection with and awakening of your Shakti - your feminine power - in your body and life.

At Luminous Femme, I teach sacred feminine embodiment practices to reconnect to and harness this energy, so that it becomes a part of your everyday life - elevating your being, nourishing your femmebody, and expanding your awareness and consciousness.

We do this work by embracing sacred feminine embodiment practices, cycle wisdom, energy healing, personal guidance, and designing your own Sacred Lifestyle, through 1:1 sessions and mentorship & coaching programs, or on a much less intensive level at the group retreats and workshops.

Sacred Feminine Embodiment practices are all about connecting to your feminine body in fluid, creative, sensual and natural ways, waking up the expressive, creative, sensual side of you that you may have shut down or numbed out.

Cycle Wisdom is attuning to your feminine cycle and its four monthly phases - spring, summer, fall, and winter. Connecting and healing your feminine cycle in itself can be life-changing - eliminating PMS, rebalancing hormones and discovering the sacredness in your feminine body.

Luminous Femme is about discovering the power within, to heal yourself. Self-care practices and sacred, holistic lifestyle take centre stage alongside The Pleasure Principle™ - the feminine way to flow and heal deeply. This can be feminine embodiment movement, self-massage, and yoni egg practices, to awaken womb wisdom and reconnect to your inner wisdom, intuition, and joy.

Sacred Self Embodiment which is the You that has balanced all your inner masculine and feminine qualities and powers, are grounded and open and FULLY connected to your Higher Self, Universal Intelligence and Source Energy.

It's YOU, the FREE, ALIGNED, DIVINE, AND EMPOWERED version of you.

And that You is waiting for you to embody and claim her.

Consider LF as the feminine spiritual journey, but rather than going it alone, you are supported and held throughout, which is the Feminine way, and through this loving container, your journey made clearer, is catalyzed, and happens in a more graceful, nourishing, pleasure-based way.

A way that creates sustainable, true change.