Luminous Femme

The Art of Radiance


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Discover how to stand in the innate power + grace of being a woman.


Not needing anyone or anything thing external to validate you nor make you feel whole.

Owning your relationship to your unique Femmebody.

Knowing how to perfectly cleanse, nourish and feed your cells - and soul.

Enjoying impeccable, nourishing self-care practices and vibrant health.

Allowing your light to shine through from deep within.

It’s time to be fully free to be, create, and show up as your most magnificent, empowered and stunning SacredSelf.






what if it were time to dig deep and discover the parts of yourself that are waiting to be reclaimed and nurtured, cleansed and renewed?

What if I were to tell you that contrary to popular perceptions:

true Radiance is an inside job.


That’s why in this program we go deep within, Luminous Femme style. This program is an activation and a bridge - connecting you to all parts of you. Inside out. One is not less important or spiritual than the other, and so outer beauty is explored and cultivated just as deeply as mindset, spirituality, and energy

You’ve heard time and time again that it’s all connected. Because, it truly is.

The aim here is to connect you to your SacredSelf - your whole, perfect, limitless soul; so you can finally embody that aspect of you that you yearn for, and cultivate the Art of Radiance in your daily life.

This is not just another nutrition program, although we cover that element too. This is the ultimate inside-out health + life coaching transformation program for the Now woman, because it’s truly holistic - we cover everything foundational that affects how you show up as a woman in today’s chaotic, beautifully challenging, changing world.


WITH this program, YOU CAN EXPECT TO upgrade 3 key areas IN OUR 4 MONTHS TOGETHER.

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MONTH 1: INNER WORLD + ENERGY (mindset, chakras + more)

  • Heal your inner child + shadow wounds that silently cause self-sabotage and repetitive, disempowering patterns.

  • Connect to your heart and intuition and be guided to your next best action steps.

  • Upgrade your mindset. Release old limiting beliefs keeping you stuck, unhappy and/or self-sabotaging.

  • Clear old, stuck energy and heal your energy body.

  • Understand, clear and activate your 12 chakras to get your life flowing in a healthy way. This on its own is POWERFUL.

  • Liberate yourself from fears, stories, limitations and caring what other people think.

  • Embrace incredible self-confidence and freedom in who you are.

  • Finally feel free, happy and beautiful in the skin and body you're in and heal any difficult body-image issues from within.

  • Get clear on and heal your relationships (are they draining or boosting you?) and create healthy boundaries. Learn how to say No with grace - so you can say Yes to YOU. Stand in your compassion and power to support your happiness and well-being and that of others.

  • Become your most empowered, grounded, radiant and sovereign self - free to call in your heart's desires and manifest the life/partner/career/biz of your dreams - whatever you most desire.


MONTH 2: OUTER WORLD (Femmebody, nutrition, beauty, home)

  • Transition from a processed food or less than healthy and vibrant diet into a natural, living whole foods and intermittent fasting lifestyle to clear and heal your body and boost your radiance from within.

  • Understand acidosis and inflammation - the root of all dis-ease and imbalance and what to do about it,

  • Go from feeling confused, overwhelmed or uninspired in the kitchen to learning how to experiment and create intuitive, vibrant and satisfying plant-based meals for radiance and energy.

  • Heal or prevent burnout and adrenal fatigue and a happy endocrine system and happy hormones.

  • Detox your kitchen, bathroom and cosmetic bag from toxins that cause hormone and endocrine disruption.

  • Transition into a natural organic, non-toxic yet powerful green beauty routine and eco home, easily and slowly.

  • Discover and fine-tune your optimal fitness and movement routine to best support your unique Femmebody and lifestyle. Free resources plus suggestions included in your wellness roadmap.

  • Learn how to best nourish your body with strategic supplements, adaptogens and nutrition geared towards supporting your Femmebody’s needs.


MONTH 3: SACRED FEMININE (sacred sensuality + spirituality)

  • Learn how to create Sacred Space for your rituals and wellness, and how to incorporate crystal healing into your practice (with suggestions on crystals that will support our work together).

  • Practice and deepen your connection to Source through creating a grounded, supportive and fulfilling spiritual practice that best supports you.

  • Incorporate a yoga and movement routine that detoxes and nourishes your body and soul with my support on cultivating a regular practice that is just right and flexible for your life.

  • Enjoy intuitive energy healing sessions and guided meditations recorded especially for you

  • Heal PMS, balance your hormones and regulate your monthly cycle so that you no longer dread or ignore it, and instead see it for the powerful, highly spiritual and intuitive phase that it is.

  • Learn how to sync with your cycle. You will use this knowledge as your personal femme superpower - so that you are always 100% aligned with and aware of the 4 phases your Femmebody is in and the best foods + activities to nourish each part of your cycle.

  • Connect deeply to yourself and your sacred sensuality (your sacred feminine superpower) through sacred feminine practices - cultivate your jade egg practice to deepen into sacred sensuality, self and body love, and femmebody movement to connect to your sacred sensuality - the true source of your radiance and power as a woman.

  • Enjoy intuitive monthly energy healing sessions and guided meditations recorded especially for you


MONTH 4: INTEGRATION (walking forward into your new life)

This month is our final together and we will integrate everything we’ve learned together so you can move forward fully empowered and enjoying your newly boosted naturally radiance.

Here we will be literally integrating all your new tools, knowledge gained and new ways of being into a lifestyle, with routines and rituals that feel intuitive, introduced gently but powerfully into your life.

Besides that aspect, our time in this month will be spent on the areas you wish to focus on more deeply and anywhere you feel you desire support so we close out our time together in a powerful, intentional way.


“Heba is a Life Luminizer who sees what's blocking your light essence and vitality. She teaches you tools to expand your energy so you can share your gorgeous gifts at the highest level with the world.”


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What ELSE you get:

the details

Guidance, presence and super support - consider me your holistic living guide and loving mirror

Customization of the program so it's perfect for YOU. Focus on the issues/challenges/areas you wish to focus on - or going for it all. Up to you.

1 * 3hour 1:1 private Zoom kickoff SOUL RADIANCE intensive session to get started

12 * 60min 1:1 private Zoom sessions with me plus 1 guided yoga session per month

1 Intuitive energy healing session per month

Your Personal Wellness Plan PDF for the next 4 months

The Art of Radiance daily tuning-in meditation, personally recorded for you

Access to Heba on WhatsApp or Voxer for daily support, answers or emergencies

Luminous Eats + Elixirs (Recipes); shopping lists and resource handouts to keep for life

BONUS: The Luminous Cleanse PDF, free + support to integrate it during our time together

Welcome Packet with love letter, resources, and questionnaire to begin

And truly, so much more.


Yes - all this, and so much more, for YOU.


You'll get me as your private health and empowerment coach, with a sacred feminine twist so you can honor all sides of you and come into your full Radiance as an awakened, empowered woman.


I look forward to being your guide on this journey into your most empowered, sovereign, radiant SacredSelf.


DISCLAIMER: This is not a quick fix. Real transformation does not happen in just one session. This is for those who are looking for long term results and who are ready to commit and do the work.

If this feels like the right next step for you, I invite you to book a complementary quick call with me below for full info.