Luminous Femme




join us in this powerful signature experience


 immerse yourself in pleasure. reclaim your wild, Fully Embodied feminine power.


8 days, 7 nights in beautiful Bali

OCTOBER 1-9, 2019

Awaken and activate your Divine Feminine Pathway, Pleasure and Power within the sacred container of nourishing sisterhood and in a highly activating spiritual vortex - the island of the gods, Bali - in this signature Luminous Femme retreat.


Join me and my team of beautiful experts for this powerful sisterhood experience. We will bond and connect through these powerful 8 days of activations, embodiment practices, healing circles, tons of pleasure, and divine feminine expansion and transformation.

Discover that you are a Divine being here to create massive change just by being yourself and uncovering and releasing all the layers keeping you small, stuck and disembodied.

It’s time to reclaim who you really Are - a wild, powerful child, priestess and multi-dimensional channel of the Divine - in a safe and supportive space while decompressing, deeply relaxing and being nourished and nurtured by the powerful energy in Mama Bali.


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a delight for your feminine senses and soul


awaken your senses. activate your power. delight your body and mind and activate your goddess spirit. 





together we will


▽ Activate and Liberate your Sacred Feminine Energy and Power and sacred sensuality in the supportive container of sisterhood

▽ Rest, nourish, replenish and rejuvenate in a gorgeous eco-chic boutique villa overlooking the rice fields and Balinese jungle

▽ Group healing within our Shakti Circles plus 1:1 private time in session with Heba to focus on your personal journey (60 mins)

▽ Experience daily Shakti Flow™ Yoga, deep life-changing Shakti meditation + Sacred Sensual Feminine Embodiment Movement Practice.

▽ Enjoy daily self-care and radiance rituals + Balinese pampering (massages, bodywork, colonics, beauty treatments, and more)

▽ Nourishing, pleasure-filled and FUN group excursions to key spots in Ubud plus time to relax and shop

▽ Dive into the Jade Egg practice with your Yoni Crystals and the Jade Egg practice in our Womb and Shakti Wisdom circles.

▽ PLUS Surprise welcome gifts from gorgeous Partner brands. 


Cacao and sound ceremonies

Tibetan singing bowls

Red rose petals and fresh flowers for Ceremonies and altars

Crystals - rose quartz, clear and smoky quartz (balanced f/), amethyst, citrine, labradorite)

Goddess card decks

Essential oils

Sound baths

Sister Circles - Sacred Feminine Embodiment & Healing

Radiance Flow Yoga

Goddess Dance

Beauty and massage

Chakra healing

Womb healing

Sacred Body Love

Mirror exercises

Sun and yoga


Cacao and connection after dance


It all started when…

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