Heba Tallah is a leading international transformational and spiritual mentor, coach and embodiment guide for women who want to holistically heal and own their divine feminine power, sacred sensuality, and luminary leadership. Founder of Luminous Femme, a platform for the Now Feminine Luminary and creator of the Fully Embodied™ MAGNETISM and LUMINARY mentorship programs, she is an expert at supporting those ready to create a legacy of light come into an empowered union within their inner masculine and feminine energetics, while embracing their tantric essence and source consciousness, for a life of vitality, undeniable radiance, prosperity, conscious business success and spiritual sovereignty. She is also a Certified Holistic Health Coach and RYT200 Yoga Alliance International Yoga Teacher. Heba is based in Bali and works with women globally.


Heba Tallah is a sacred feminine embodiment guide, magnetism mentor for the Now Feminine Leader and founder of Luminous Femme, a company and platform on a mission to make embodying sacred sensuality and luminary leadership for awakened women less of a mystery and more practical, grounded, holistic, lux and chic AF. She believes that within every woman lives the spirit of the Divine Feminine and that unleashing that energy is key to creating the magnetic and nourishing life and biz of your dreams.

She is an expert at nourishing feminine leaders into their most authentic selves and providing the tools and sacred alchemical energetic container to create rapid metamorphosis into radiance, magnetism, prosperity and ascension. She is a master of awakening people who are ready into higher states of consciousness and connecting them with their Higher Self to cultivate their own intuition, inner power, psychic sensitivity and spiritual autonomy. And divine feminine lusciousness. And then assisting them to translate that power into grounded lifestyle and business as a conscious leader with a message.

Heba has spent the past few 7 years diving into mysticism, the divine feminine and the esoteric arts after life circumstances took her attention away from green juice and yoga asana, and has a background a successful Certified Holistic Wellness Coach and 200HR yoga teacher after more than 15 years in the branding and communications industry. Based on her research and in depth experience of self transformation and powerfully holding space for others own self-realization, she has developed potent, holistic programs for the rising femme to own her worth, body, sacred sexuality, spiritual connection and her priestess light and luminary biz! Heba Tallah has inspired thousands of women and men to gain deeper insights into their inner spiritual world, embrace and own their shadow and their light, and feel more empowered in conscious relating and their grounded mission on this planet.