MANTRA | Regain Your Inner Power with Sat Nam

Sat Nam. A timeless mantra from the Kundalini Yoga tradition. Two simple words that can change your life and have changed so many lives. It's a mantra to remind you of your true power. Try including Sat Nam in your personal spiritual practice for profound shifts.

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Heba Tallah
HOW TO | Read The Signs

We’d all love a map to life. And, whilst I cannot promise you this, what I can tell you is that the world is full of signs for us to follow, which illuminate the steps of our path. We just need to learn how to read them.

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Kimberley EvansComment
HOW TO | Overcome Resistance

You know that feeling when your alarm goes off, and you hit the snooze button the first time? And then the second? That feeling is known as resistance. We all feel it, and it manifests in all areas of our live, and touches every single one of us.

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Kimberley Evans