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SAT NAM. A timeless mantra from the Kundalini Yoga tradition. Two simple words that can change your life and have changed so many lives. It's a mantra to remind you of your true power. Try including Sat Nam in your personal spiritual practice for profound shifts. By using this mantra or saying it to another you are recognizing your mutual divine identities.

Regain your personal power and inner glow, neutralize tension and become your most relaxed, empowered self. If you employ a long Sat Nam practice for 40 days it is said you can reset your entire glandular system.

In this post I share how you can begin using this mantra.


I first started doing Kundalini yoga ten years ago and it was like my second spiritual awakening; the first happened on the mat when I began Power Yoga at the age of 18 and discovered for the first time the profound, electrifying feeling of the mind, body and soul - unified. This second awakening, was like the first but deeper - it took me into an awareness of the subtle energy body, the glow and grace of being a Woman, and the amazing subconscious-reprogramming powers of Kundalini yoga. Not to mention my Kundalini energy awakening and rising..

The subconscious mind is the part of us that actually creates our life. It's the programming and beliefs installed in the first 0-14 years of our lives, that creates the experiences, outcomes - everything we manifest in our life.

Going into and out of a Kundalini experience is like going through a cosmic washing machine.

You get out blissed out, cleaned up, glowing, and lighter - another layer of 'old stuff' has been shed and you are reconnected to the Source of all that is; Universal Intelligence, God, whatever word floats your boat.

Reconnected to the Infinite aspect that exists within you.

We pick up so much stuff all day everyday that we often forget this connection and fall back into monkey mind and ego talk.

This is why establishing a regular meditative practice (with a mantra, too!) throughout your day to bring you back to your centre and your power can make all the difference in your life. It's a way to anchor you so that no matter what waves come your way, you stay steady where you mean to, rather than being thrown about in all directions at the mercy of life's ebbs and flows.



'Sat' pronounced 'sut' - signifies Truth. 'Nam' signifies 'I Am' and rhymes with 'mom'.

So Sat Nam technically means "I Am Truth" / "Truth is my Identity" / "I call on the name of Truth".

Ensure your tongue hits the roof of your mouth when you pronounce the t in Sat to pronounce it correctly and activate the mantra fully.

A mantra is not just a word but a vibration. You can look at this mantra as the Truth Vibration.

Everything is made up of vibrations - everything is energy. So we can affect and reprogram our energy by choosing the vibrations and frequency we attune to.. 

By unifying with Sat Nam you are affirming your power and your being as pure Truth, and remembering who you truly are. 

Sounds good, huh?



1. Bring yourself to a comfortable seated position. Ensure you are in a calm, peaceful and private space where you will not be disturbed. This can be your private sanctuary at home, your car, your desk or even a bathroom (if necessary) if you are doing this at your work place. 

2. Feel your sit bones grounded and connected to the Earth. Visualize roots growing down from your feet into the centre of the Earth, creating a solid connection with Mama Earth, so you feel supported and held.

3. Rise up through your spine and take deep breaths through your nose, inhale, exhale 'ha' out of your mouth. Imagine whatever is stressing you to leave your body through your mouth. Don't be afraid to make sounds - the louder you are with your ha - the more you release!

4. Now we begin working with the Mantra. Start by repeating it Sat, nam. Sat, nam. Go slow. 1 count Sat, 2 counts Nam - so it will sound like "Sut - Naaaam." Repeat the mantra verbally and then continue by repeating it in your mind. So that you can still hear it and feel it. Let it fill your brain and your whole being. Let it become your single pointed focus. If anything comes up, simply come back to your mantra. Sat, nam.

5. Sit for 2, mins 5 mins, 10 mins. Whatever feels good for you. When you feel ready, release the mantra, open your eyes, and continue with your day - refreshed, renewed and fortified with Truth. 


I hope you find this helpful - I love to use this mantra in those sticky moments during the day where I don't have time to get to my mat or it's just one of those days that are nonstop.

It bring me back to my power instantly. I trust it will do the same for you.


Let me know how you go! x

“If you will exalt God all time with every breath—Sat Nam, Sat Nam, Sat Nam, Sat Nam—you shall become Sat Nam, the entire world will become Sat Nam around you, and there is nothing which will not know you.”


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