I’ve noticed huge resistance to eating fruit. I’ve also seen how it is so easily embraced in places where it grows and flourishes locally, such as Bali. I remember during my first trip there I was semi-keto, and convinced that fruit was ‘too much’ for my system. Nevertheless, I threw caution to the wind and listened to what my body, not my mind, wanted. And it wanted that juicy, colorful rainbow fruit.

Every morning at the gorgeous Gaia Retreat Centre in Ubud where I was staying, we would be offered a beautiful, freshly prepared breakfast: an opened coconut to drink from, a freshly pressed organic green or other exotic mixed juice, and a bowl of juicy fruit cut into large cubes like fuchsia dragonfruit (my fave) and pineapple. There would also be other breakfast items like granola, as well as yogurt on the side, which I ignored (next time I’ll request the coconut yogurt when I feel like an occasional treat.. as I prefer to keep it light and fruit only after fasting!). One thing to keep in mind with fruit is that it must be eaten alone on an empty stomach, or else it ferments along with the slower to digest foods you mix it with. Fruit digests in 10-15mins, 30 or longer for banana.. so it moves through the system pretty quick, and you don’t want to mix it up and slow it down.

Here I share with you why it’s time to ditch the Fruit Fear, and get on the Fruit Love train, instead.

It’s helped me heal my chronic fatigue syndrome and my very tired adrenals, and rejuvenated me to such an extent that I felt and feel ready to take on the world.


Fruit is the ultimate detoxifier and scrubs the mucus (the by-product of acidosis) from the inner landscape of the body. That’s why many people say they don’t do well on fruit - and mistake the fruit ‘sugar’ for being the problem. Nothing could be farther from the truth. It uncovers the weaknesses in the body and the areas that are in need of healing, and jumpstarts the healing process. And the sugar found in fruit metabolizes easily and nourishes and energizes the body, without weighing it down.

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