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WORKSHOP | Feminine Radiance and Living in your Flow

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This 2-part workshop explores the intimate relationship we have to our feminine body and cycle and how we can support ourselves in more natural, holistic ways.

Hosted by Heba Tallah, founder of Luminous Femme and Karine Fleury of Karine Naturopathy, this workshop is an amazing chance to get to know yourself on a deeper level as a woman, within the energy of sisterhood and support.


We start with Karine sharing how switching to natural, toxic-free cycle/period alternatives from conventional, toxic-heavy products can help us decrease the toxic load on our system. This excess toxicity disrupts the endocrine system and hormones, (and contributes to unsustainable environmental issues), and by embracing clean and eco options we can empower ourselves to re-establish a healthier connection with our bodies, and the environment. Healthier options can contribute to saving money, healing cycle imbalances and reconnecting you to your menstrual cycle in an empowering way, free of shame or disconnection. Karine shares a variety of alternative methods and products for period care and where to buy them.



We then explore the ancient Jade Egg practice with Heba, for cultivating beauty, grace, inner radiance and a healthy pelvic bowl, and connection to our powerful sacred feminine energy. This practice contributes to higher levels of self-love and self-confidence and healing common feminine issues such as PMS, PCOS, infertility and body shame. It reconnects us with our main power centre, our sacral chakra - the seat of our womb wisdom and co-creative life force /kundalini/Shakti energy. When this chakra is activated and flowing well, all life flows well.

This practice started in the Chinese Dynasty in the Emperor's court thousands of years ago and was kept secret because of it's powerful ability to help women to cultivate and harness their chi or energy for manifestation, vitality, allure and youthfulness. This is a sacred practice and encourages women to embrace their bodies as their own sacred temple.

Topics that may also be included:

Why the Birth Control Pill may be harming instead of helping you and what you can do instead;
Herbs and supplements that can support your cycle and decrease PMS and cramps
Fertility and how to establish a healthier landscape for bringing life (baby or projects) into the world

and more..



Question and Answer at the end of both sections.

Come join the conversation and learn more about your beautiful female body with us

This workshop will be a sacred safe space held in a private residence and a sacred container which completely honors each woman, her story and questions, as in every sacred woman's circle. You will be encouraged to share what you wish and remain in integrity to the group by keeping your sisters shares sacred and protected. This will be a wonderful opportunity to meet like minded women and create new friendships and bonds.

LADIES ONLY, no children please. (We will include some meditation so allow yourself to come for a break and to rejuvenate your feminine soul and body)

This is a great opportunity for an educational and nourishing mother-daughter experience. (Girls above 16 and above)


Single is 295QR ($81)

Mother + Daughter is QR525 ($144)


Once you book your spot by buying your ticket we will confirm and email you the residence address and parking information before the event.

We look forward to meeting and supporting you in this beautiful feminine journey and healing and cultivating a supportive, sacred lifestyle.

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