What is a Yoni Egg and Why Use One


A Yoni Egg is an egg-shaped crystal traditionally made of high quality Nephrite Jade gemstone, that is inserted into a woman's yoni for sacred healing and energy practices. Yoni means 'sacred gateway' in Sanskrit, the source and passageway of all life in a woman's body. It's also a symbol for Shakti which is the sacred feminine energy, or chi, that creates life in all forms.


The primary reason I love to promote the yoni egg practice is to remind women (and men) of the sacredness of the feminine body.

Cultivating this practice connects you to your womb wisdom and the intimate areas that for many women remain numb, disconnected, and ignored even in intimacy.

So many of us grow up with toxic, unhealthy relationship patterns and this practice is a way to take your power back and reclaim your body as your own sacred, holy space.

It raises your energetic vibration and creates healthy boundaries: you will find that you will NOT welcome dishonoring energies into your space and will learn to see and feel yourself as the sacred woman you truly are.


The yoni egg practice is based on an ancient Taoist tradition that goes back over 5000 years, known as the jade egg practice.

The Chinese Royal Dynasty used this modality in the Imperial Court to cultivate beauty, youthfulness, vitality and sacred life force (prana, chi, kundalini) energy, which would then be channeled upwards into the higher chakras, into creativity and a higher frequency life.

Because it was such a powerful practice, it was kept secret from the masses with only the Royal women of court having access to this powerful healing gemstone practice.

Traditionally, potent and high quality Nephrite Jade was used and it is an excellent one to start with and my favorite foundational and beginners/advanced stone.  

I highly recommend you start there.

Nephrite Jade is also extremely rare, valuable gemstone, and is very dense, non-porous, and strong - and one to cherish for a lifetime.

(It's the only one that can be safely boiled for sterilization, although I prefer and recommend gentler methods like a sea salt bath, apple cider vinegar and water bath, lavender or tea tree oil water bath, etc. You get more details on care and use in the booklet when you order.)

Beware of jade on the market as there are many minerals that are being sold as real jade but are actually fake.

I've partnered with an incredible brand which sources the highest quality minerals from across the world directly from sustainable mines. (More on this here).

Apart from Nephrite Jade, there are now so many more crystal minerals to choose from for your use depending on your personal needs and the energetics you wish to access.

The Trinity set is a favorite as you get to experience three kinds, and create your own relationship to each mineral and the different vibration.

Trust me - the energy and potency and difference in the vibe of each is powerful!


Yoni eggs are an ancient form of healing and empowerment.

We are being invited to rediscover the Ancient ways of the Feminine.. and this is one potent way to do so. Activate your Shakti, heal blocks, release old energies, increase your life force and physical energy, get out of your head, create more flow in your life and cultivate deep, true, lasting self-love and appreciation of your feminine body and the power it carries.

Heal & Prevent:

- Incontinence

- Weak pelvic floor muscles

- Weak core muscles

- Uterine/Bladder Prolapse

- Vaginal and Urinary Prolapse

- Infertility

- Body Shame and disconnection

- Lack of self-love and self-honoring

- Lack of intimacy and connection to your sacred sensuality


I offer the highest quality, sustainable mined gemstone and crystal mineral eggs from a partner brand with the highest sourcing and production ethics in line with our Luminous Femme ethos on the Shop.

As per the traditional practice and the qualities of the stone, it's best to start with a medium Nephrite Jade as your main egg, drilled or un-drilled (depending if you want to attach a string like un-minted dental floss for easy removal or advanced exercises or not). And then I would suggest Obsidian as discussed to help you clear out your root chakra and womb space in a very powerful, pleasurable and cathartic way after acclimating to the more gentle, harmonious energy of the Nephrite Jade.

SIZES: Large is for after childbirth. Small is for advanced practitioners after a minimum of 1 year using the medium size. Medium is where to start with generally.

There is also a trinity set with three kinds which is also a beautiful way to jumpstart your collection - it includes the Star Rose Quartz, Nephrite Jade, and Rainbow Obsidian (the last two are my absolute favorites and super powerful).

Each purchase comes with a PDF emailed to you with full details on how to use your egg, PLUS a complementary 20 min consultation call with me to answer any questions and help you start your personal practice. (Just email me to set it up once you've made your purchase)

This practice has endless benefits, including boosting longevity, cultivating deep self-love, reproductive health, fertility, flow and feminine grace in your life. This is also a potent MANIFESTATION TOOL as you are harnessing and mastering the creative energy of the Universe - the same energy that creates life.

Simply connect with the intention of what you wish to manifest and create a sacred ritual around it. More ideas for this coming soon! If you have any questions, comment below. I will be super happy to support you in your practice.

And remember, when you purchase your egg you get a complementary clarity call with me as a gift on how to use it! Simply book here upon purchase! Lots of love.

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