When You're Ready to Become Fully Embodied

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It's all connected.

When our relationship to our sexuality dries up, and when it is overwhelmed by shame, guilt, stress or trauma, our manifestation powers, creativity and financial abundance dries up alongside it.

The flow, stops.

Our second chakra, the sacral, is the house within us where all this energy (also known as shakti) lives and moves .. or, gets stuck.

For women, it's also a dumping ground and handbag of old 'stuff'; memories, pain and tension that just creates a heavy, dense, and cold space that is not open to creating life OR magic, joy or sensuality.

And in order to experience ourselves at our prime magnetic manifesting potential, and reinstate that as our new normal,

we need to look deeply into this energy centre and all the stories stored here.

No matter how dark, how dense, how cold, how disconnected, how old. 

Like all darkness, it just want to be witnessed, seen, loved, exactly as it is.

And then it can be transmuted. Alchemised.

Our darkness is our gold.

It's the invitation to accept what was, and choose, what's next.

The Energetics

The womb space, or hara for men, is an energetic point of infinite possibility

It connects to the Void


The cosmic womb

Of no-thing - from which everything arises

And when we have a healthy, unblocked, beautiful connection,

we have access to that infinite source of abundance and manifestation.


The sexual energy is life force energy.

Why do think it’s been so repressed for eons?

Its sacredness desecrated with guilt shame and so much shadow?

Pure, sacred and shame-free connection to this vital life force

Means we are fertile, ripe for actual baby-making, or vibrant, clear and fulfilling creativity, projects, business, and financial windfall.

Effortless Creation of our deep, burning desires

Effortless embodiment of our Highest Divine Self

Literally, the Divine, incarnate.

All power that was ever taken or given away, returned, integrated, consolidated.

And a perpetual state of


(And to be clear - flow does not mean perfection and constant happy creation

It means being in a space that even when you move out of your flow, your rebound rate is much faster than yesteryear.

You don’t take months to process. You are able to pinpoint what old trauma or subconscious belief you need to work on and release.

And you get back in the game.)

Our inner feminine and masculine need to dance

In order to fully support our flow

For so many years, I ignored my inner masculine.

I resented men. All the pain I had felt, I then (unconsciously) created an idea: 
they owe me.

I allowed myself to continue to get supported financially by men including my father and ex-husband

Because I had no idea how to support myself and a part of me didn’t want to.

They owe me

For all the pain.

My inner feminine was raging.
She was totally pissed off

And bitter as hell.

Did I acknowledge that though?



I actually had no conscious clue.

I could not move forward, for the life of me. Everything felt stuck, like I was in quicksand, and I couldn't get any traction.

Putting myself out there terrified me, charging for my work terrified me, speaking my actual real Holy TRUTH and not just flowery euphemisms and waxing poetic on life, REALLY terrified me. And allowing myself to be seen - REALLY seen, terrified me the most.

Until... it stopped being about me.

About all the ways I still felt small.

All the insecurities still lurking

That stopped me from feeling like I was 'ready'

Until my masculine stepped up and said: HEY. I WANT TO BE INVOLVED. Let me lead the way.


Hi, and who are you???

What a sublime surrender

A fall into grace, that was.

'You mean I can stop pushing???' my inner feminine asked, 'I can stop hating, trying, fighting?


.. came that steadfast, grounded, conscious, delicious response.

How thrilling was it. To be reuniting.. with such an essential, forgotten part of me?

And the feminine. Ah. She need to breathe, too

Actually she needs to dance.


To know those inner masculine arms are there

That stability

That voice saying


To allow herself to fully give into her ecstatic, exotic, immeasurable and undeniable expression


Life.. LIFE

coming through

To surrender into this

To flow, flow, flow and dance dance dance

Knowing it’s safe

Totally safe

Without that inner safety

Our Sacred Feminine Leadership won’t, can't flourish.

No matter how down we are with the spiritual, the sacred, the crystals, the Feminine Divine, the shamans, the cryptic, the esoteric, the cosmic

It all needs a container.

And that’s why

I named this program - this way of life, actually - Fully Embodied.

Because that’s what it’s all about

Fully Embodying ALL of your highest

And not so highest.

All of you

Your sacred inner masculine

Your sacred inner feminine

Healing the wounded inner child

Loving your shadow

Fully seeing and loving the toxic feminine and masculine

and gently removing them, out of the drivers seat

Giving them a hug

Thank you for the lessons

I see you, I feel you, I understand you.

But I got this.

My Higher Self and I.

My inner crew.

We got this.

And we lovingly integrate you into our whole being

so that you are no longer hogging the spot light.

The backseat... is cool too.

And eventually, when I'm ready, I will be able to fully transmute you.. into light. Because that's what I am here for.


I'm going for it.

Ladies, until you make friends with, and fall in love, with your inner masculine

The money is not going to show up

The clients are not going to show up

The man isn't going to show up

The message isn't going to really get out there and land

Because they need that energetic, safe container

To flow into

They need you to already be connected in a sacred way to your inner masculine.

It always starts within. First.

They need the income streams, crystal clear

The 'Shop is Open' sign, energetically AND physically, in place

As well as your natural feminine radiance

and magnetism


They both need to fuse into each other and work together.
So these principles apply whether you are leaning more into your masculine OR your feminine.

We get them both shining their unique genius and superpowers.

It's actually really simple. ❤ 

** exhale **

It’s time

It’s time to rise.

Do you feel it?

Are you with me?

Fully Embodied™

is the mentorship program for the Now // 

Next Sacred Feminine Leaders.

I've heard you... And it's come through. 

It's here, I am here, to help you

Create Inner Radiance, Magnetism, Impact, Joy and Prosperity with Sacred Self-Care and Balanced Divine Feminine and Masculine Principles and Harmonics to create Crystal Clear Alignment in your business, body, spirit, life, partnerships and mission. (yes we get into relationships too! Co-dependency, narcissism, unhealthy dynamics, you name it - looking at these are also key) 

Embody your personal brand and essence. Bust through those final blocks. 

And create an epic legacy of love and transformation.

We cover.. 

Feminine radiance, magnetism and flow

WITH masculine structures and support, strategy and action

The Sacred, Ancient Jade Egg practice  (our central sacred feminine practice, amongst others...) and intuitive creation

WITH online strategy, brand mapping, abundance un-blockers and social media energetics


and Yang 

Nothing gets left behind.. we are going to love and supercharge the FULL you up.

So you can get busy changing lives.

Because, the collective needs you.

It needs us all, to rise. To own our gifts. To be of impeccable, authentic, and real service.

Enough shimmy shammying.

This is the program I always wanted and needed when I was starting out.

So I created it! 

Because I finally realized - I'm here for YOU, my fellow Feminine Leaders.

All the way.

We've got sacred work to do. 

There's nothing I love more than linking arms with divine sisters to shed light on the spaces holding us back from shining as our FULLY EMBODIED™ selves.

If this intrigues you and you want in on the pre-launch package rate, way lower than it will ever be offered (because I want your help to fine-tune this into the most potent offering I'e ever shared), comment YES below and I will PM you for a clarity call.

(ALSO - this offer comes with a bonus basic website brand and design by Luminous Lifestyle. Yes... really. Yes, believe it. So you can fly when you're ready.)

Let’s see if this is right for you

and tell me how this makes you feel 👇💕

Let's go. <3

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