METAMORPHOSIS | Eclipse Season + Lion's Gate 2018


The past couple of weeks leading up to and moving through July 27th Lunar Eclipse and Blood Full Moon in Aquarius through to the Lion's Gate and then this August 11 Partial Solar Eclipse in Leo.. has been by far the most intense astrological string of events experienced by most in our lifetime.

Mainly punctuated by the Blood Moon eclipse which was, after all, literally the longest eclipse of the century (by far) and certainly did not go unnoticed, even by those who don't usually pay attention to what goes on in the sky..

And it certainly accomplished what it was designed to do - with massive emotional blow-ups and intense feels that led, over time, to deep peace, increased awareness and inner-standing and integration of the next phase in our life path trajectory and what truly works for us in the Now.

Which is what these cosmic catalysts are really all about.

This is such an amazing, transformational time - and yet it can feel decidedly the opposite! I get it.

I'm not an astrologer or an expert by any means, but I am completely head over heels in love with and passionate about the connection between the cosmic forces and higher realms and our life here on Earth, so I am constantly paying attention. I love to think of cosmic weather as the macrocosm to the microcosm - mirroring our internal landscape and offering us a chance to look within at a deeper level. The cosmic forces also offer us unseen but very tangible support to release what needs to go or rearrange our lives in a more supportive, powerful way - usually by shaking things up (and usually, in a very uncomfortable 'WTF-wheredidthiscomefrom' way. So initially it doesn't feel very supportive but over time we see that it indeed is so! And we can come to welcome and trust the cosmic cycles as pathways and allies on our journeys of Evolution and Ascension.

This eclipse corridor is inviting us to make the highest choices during this cycle. It is a time for transformation, shake-ups, huge shifts, and seemingly sudden releasing as well as exposure of what was kept hidden and unresolved in relationships, career, you name it - all of it. This lunar eclipse was the second in the trio of eclipses in this cycle, which typically happen annually during the summertime, with the final one arriving this August 11, which brings closure and integration of this cycle and all that we have intended to release, manifest anew and stand for courageously..

Each event in this eclipse corridor is gearing us up to literally makeover our lives and say goodbye to the vulnerabilities, insecurities, disempowering patterns and wounds that have held us back or weighed us down for far too long already. They are blessings. When you see them as such you can welcome, or at least understand and accept, the emotional disturbance that they may bring because you know it's happening for a higher purpose and that, 'this too shall pass'.

It's time to do the work and let that ish go. If not now, when?

My questions for you now:

What is it that you wish to call in, embody and create in this new phase of your life during these revolutionary times on planet Earth?

What highest timeline are you ready to hop onto?

Not everyone is interested in or staying current with this kind of information, which is perfect as we are all on our divine evolutionary journeys - but cosmic weather affects us all regardless. Just as the moon affects the tides and the waters in our bodies, and as the old wise adage goes 'As Above, So Below,' we are intimately connected within the web of intergalactic and universal flow of energy and intelligence. If you feel intuitively drawn to deepening your understanding and connection, you can benefit more from these portals and energy shifts as you will know what is happening and what to do with it, rather than feeling like a victim of 'these crazy energies' or completely oblivious and blaming your hormones, circumstances, or other people for things feeling wacky suddenly (haha).

This whole eclipse cycle? It represents the closing of an old cycle - and beginning of a new one.


Some of this years' transformational portals (dates)

July 12th - partial Solar Eclipse and New Moon in Cancer (theme: crisis, family, home, intimate relationships, surrender).

July 27th - Blood Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius (theme: anger, frustration, subconscious fear)

August 8th - opening of the Lion's Gate Portal.

August 11th - final closing partial Solar eclipse and New Moon in Leo (theme: ideas, beliefs, power, control).

break until next (Solar) eclipse: Jan 5th, 2019.


On our Shadow and Psyches

Much of the time we have been focusing on moving forward and reaching goals, as a species - seldom do we stop and process all we have already experienced. And if the past was traumatic, painful, or just plain sad, even less attractive to dive back into!

Our psyche's are deep as the oceans - full of beautiful myths, creatures and also dark shadowy spaces that feel terrifyingly scary.

And now, while I am not a proponent of forever digging into and living in the past, I do know the massive benefit of excavating the Shadow aspects of us that run unconsciously below the surface, perpetuating the same old patterns; or that lie dormant until something like an eclipse comes along and ruffles it right up off that inner ocean floor!

These 2018 eclipses have done just that for many of us and has forced us to face the aspects of Self that we may prefer to ignore.

But why ignore the very thing that will bring you mastery and freedom?

The trick is to sit with it all. To really feel it.

Not to wallow in it.

To feel it. All the nuances, all the way it triggers you - and to stay in the role of observer / witness. To just allow it to 'be', without moving to change it.

It can feel excruciatingly painful. It usually does, which is why most won't 'go there'.

But when you can allow the pain to just exist, it eventually begins to feel sweet, and almost neutral; and if you just continue to sit with it, that's when the transmutation comes. The release. The moment the darkness lifts. The moment - it disappears.

And the more and more you can sit with what is within, the more and more you can access your birthright: complete METAMORPHOSIS.

We are not here and never have been here to stay the same.

Like the cocoon peeling away to allow the Butterfly to fly free - like the Phoenix that rises from the ashes - you are here to rise into your magnificence.

Every phase of life is asking for a different aspect of us to come forward. We have so many chances to connect to endless archetypes and energies that all exist within us. And the one we are all here to access, if and when we are ready? Our SacredSelf - also known as our Highest Self.. our guiding Light and OverSoul. The timeless, immortal Light within. 

And the power and the beauty of cosmic cycles, cosmic weather, sun flares, eclipses and the like are that they are playing out specific roles for our Ascension process. AS ABOVE, SO BELOW. Shaking things up so we can get up off our knees and peer at ourselves and the 'reality' we've created. From more open and objective eyes!



Lion's Gate - Time to Roar

8-8-18.. the beloved Lions Gate Portal passed a few days ago and yet the reverberations are still epically strong..

I felt guided to write this post last week, but the wave came and took me with it and it was made clear that I was to just be in the energy without dissecting or trying to describe it just yet.

The Lion’s Gate portal is my favorite out of all the celestial stargates each year. Like the zodiac, and the way we mirror the stars in the sky, the energetics above us resonate so very deeply down here on Earth. After all, as above, so below..

A stargate is a portal, an alignment that allows for a direct connection and catalyzing of energies and information from one part of the galaxy/universe to another. ✨

The 8-8 gateway (this year 8-8-18) is an ancient signifier of the beautiful white-blue star Sirius, also known as our Great Central Sun and Spiritual Sun, aligning with our solar sun and beaming higher level intelligence and consciousness down to Earth to assist in our planetary Ascension.

If you tune in, you can literally feel the heightened benevolence and higher loving energies flooding the Earth at this time. It is safe, supportive, protective and nothing to fear.

This intelligence was known and celebrated in Ancient Egypt, with the pyramids, designed to line up perfectly with Sirius and the Orion’s belt every year on 8-8; a prime example of that ancient interstellar knowledge.

We are now in the gateway with this energy sticking around for the next few days.. And it’s a beautiful gift from the cosmos. It’s universal intelligence. It is beautifully assisting us to come to a state, personally and collectively, of unconditional love and harmony. 💛

You may still be in breakdown mode, or you may have already passed through to the higher timelines, and your personal 5D breakthrough..

And if you haven't yet.. KEEP GOING. You are so close.

Your invitation now, especially on this New Moon partial Solar Eclipse, is to tune in: Unlock whatever you are ready to release, because you will have been invited to already by now - and take a stand for what you truly, deeply desire in your life.

It’s time to roar your truth, fearlessly, courageously. You are now, if you choose to be, fully grounded in unconditional love.. and your beautiful, brave Lion Heart. And you are gifted with unseen but very real assistance, light codes and activations to help you Live your Truth fully, and create Heaven on Earth.

It starts with each one of us..

🌏 #becauseascension



How do I move through all this? Tips + Guidance on Navigating these times.

I stay connected and anchored to breath, and to my body.

I prioritize self-care and time alone in my sanctuary.

I move my body to move the energy through - stagnancy creates obstruction. Yoga, kundalini, walks, dancing, any movement you enjoy is beautiful.

When any heavy emotions come up - and they will - I identify what it is that needs to be healed. I sit with it, and feel it fully. And then with loving intention, let it go and set an intention for what I wish to replace it with. And celebrate! Because the cosmos is assisting me in my evolution, growth and liberation from old fear and stories. GOTTA LOVE IT!

I create Sacred Space and morning/evening rituals to stay grounded in my power and essence, and connect with the healing powers of crystals, clearing powers of Sage, and connect to Source, my angels, guides, and ancient and Ascended Masters for guidance.

I light candles, burn incense, read, write, and draw oracle cards for wisdom that supports me in the moment. 

And I get grounded in nature - under the sun, feet in the Earth, body in the salty sea water - open to all the light codes and seamless integration that comes when you allow nature and the cosmos to flow through you unhindered..

Praying that you blossom into your most beautiful, bright SacredSelf.

Thanks for reading.

You are deeply Loved!



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