You Are...



You are made of stardust (literally) and are so much more than your personality, name, birth place and nationality.

So much more than your story, and how you see and have seen, yourself.. up until now



You are Ancient, Real, Unique, True, and here, here, here, 

Your essence is Love and you are being invited to embody it with every breath and step you take

The Grace, The Power, and the Pleasure in being a woman

The path of the natural born priestess

The way of the radiant alchemist

Turning the lead of life into Gold

Is your superpower,

It's your birthright, and your gift from the Divine

To wake up to and remember.

The Shakti that pulses in your cells and womb is the force of life that creates more life..

That same force is the Kundalini awakening you to your own Divinity..

From your sacrum all the way up to your crown.

It's so very real, so very precious.

It's time to wake up to a new story

In which your femmebody temple is nourished as the miraculous vehicle and chalice of the divine that it is

In which your soul is nourished on the daily

So that your natural radiance effortlessly exudes from your every pore

So that you are free in your skin and loving it

Celebrating the marks, the colors, the dimples, the stretch marks, the imprints of life and living

That only create more uniqueness and beauty

If you were to see yourself as the beautiful creature you truly are.. you would see yourself as we see you.

You are Fully Human, and Fully Divine..

You are here to embody the transcendence within, not to transcend your body.

And this is what we are doing here together

Remembering the sacredness of our skin, our limbs, our curves

Connecting to our eternal essence

So that life makes sense again

So you remember the mission you signed up for when you said Yes to make this planet your home for a while..

You said yes to being in human skin

It's time to remember


No longer bypass your sensuality

For it is, the main portal back to the Divine (Yes)

Grounded in mother earth

Connected to father sky..

Your Femmebody is the main portal to Holy Spirit

The access point to Source

Are you ready to reconnect to your magic?



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