Oh, Life. (A Call for the Luminary to Rise)


Oh life.

How you thrill me, delight me, tantalise me, challenge me and reward me.

Oh, life...

How you remind me to stay present to All That Is and how I manage to stay embodied in that presence, more and more, no matter what comes my way,

rain or shine.

How more shine makes itself the New Normal the more and more I deeply Allow.

How much I now love the rain.. and have quit resisting its messy drenching and its sometimes surprising appearance on sunny days.

How I now,

Allow it all.

And have stopped the (often unconscious) resisting, ideating, controlling.

The more I allow my Divine Feminine to lead the way..

The more I drop in with my body and my delicious felt existence..

... the sensuality of existence coupled with the stillness of Consciousness my Divine Masculine provides me..

The more I drop in with pleasure and presence and release the need to absorb other's energies, ideas and content..

The more I allow myself to create my own, simply as an expression of this felt Life.

The more I feel like,


My Higher Self, ... Source... Embodied.

It's what we're here to live...

as the Divine.

As pure life force energy

Without the egoic illusion taking control;

And yet, also within the duality of this human existence.

We can't ignore that aspect.

Why should we?

The Divine experiences itself

and it's myriad complexities, spectrums and colours...

through US.

In all our myriad complexities, spectrums and colours..

There is

No agenda,

No expectations,




GNOSIS - pure knowing.

A Return to Love.



Pure ART.


I used to paint art, actual paintings.. my camera was another tool at my side. I've always been an artist but now I co-create worlds within my own instead of traditional art. I share what's inside because I need to, in order to fully thrive.

And it's not ever strategised or controlled or designed. Although sometimes a kick in the butt to just START is needed.

I believe we are all Artists, Co-Creators and Sovereign Beings here to leave a mark;

Here to synergise in an epic orgasmic symbiosis of All Creation.

(P.S. It's become clear that my purpose is to catalyse those ready to start showing up as leaders.. as magnetic femme luminary leaders of light)

But creating can't always be the modus operandi.

BEing, must be.

That's the Fully Embodied way.. it's the yin, and the yang, merged, dancing, as One.

For the love of all Life. For all life being one!


I've had a little hiatus from showing up fully on social media as a much needed digital detox was needed...

with so much metamorphosis calling for integration and time offline.

My first real holiday in YEARS.

The end of healthy hustle mode and the beginning

of Delicious, Impeccable Alignment.

A temporary surrender from my inner Divine Masculine drive steering this ship.

Just BEing.

Clear island waters, and air.

So pristine, no touch of pollution anywhere.

No streetlights on at night, so clear you can see all the stars..

And I knew, this can't just be a holiday,

This must be a way of life.

Going back to simplicity

Abundant fruit, coconut water and BREATH.

Ancient Future - a merging of technology with natural holistic living.

Of celebrating our Divinity as much as we celebrate and own our HU-manity.

And so it is..



Now, I only do what, and go places, that truly light me UP.

And I am inviting others to consider this as a new way of being..

Life as art, expression.

All day, every day.

Listening in. Tuning in.


How to get off that matrix hamster wheel?

It's really not that hard.. it's a decision.

That you never, ever give up on.

Does that mean it's easy?


I've spent so many years dreaming of this life.

Going where I feel,

when I feel like it.

Hopping on a plane, or a boat,

when it calls.

Staying in my sanctuary.

Or in sisterhood.

Or in relationship.

Autonomy. Liberation. Choices.

It's the way of the Priestess Warrioress,

Or the Magician King...


Initiating and activating others into their Highest Alignments.

Simply be being, and sharing that beingness.

Alchemizing all situations into powerful healers and invitations to go back to Love,

Every time.

It's the future of what we now call 'business'.

It's a calling.

It's the New Earth Paradigm.

It's the Return to Source..

It's Real.

And it's already here.


Pure presence as service and bringing your gifts online to be of benefit to all.


Luminary leadership doesn't end when your 'work day' ends.

It's who you are.

Magnetic Divine Feminine energy doesn't end when you're done with your rituals.

It's who you Are.

Even when you're 'still' on your way to embodying it,

(Or so your worrisome ego tells you)

You already ARE it.


Claim it, beloved.

Please. We need you,


Take small baby steps everyday.

And soon enough you will live it...

Fully and completely.


Stop second guessing yourself..


LET your ART come through.

In whatever form it wants to.

Trust that.. it's there waiting..


And we're waiting, here,

by your side,

and we love


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