Divine Alignment.. Is Always a Choice.


What's it like... ⁣⁣

Walking through life feeling like a victim, feeling like 'it's all happening to me, not for me'?⁣

⁣What's it like, ⁣⁣

Worrying about the next moment, the next meal, the next pay-check, unable to really Be Here Now and soak in the blessings already present?⁣

What's it like, ⁣⁣

Telling oneself stories of why we can't rise up, speak up, and show up in our full power?⁣

It's ⁣⁣

Pure. ⁣


Which is literally... ⁣





From who you really are.. what you really are.⁣

Hell.. and heaven.. aren't so much a place as they as frequencies. ⁣

⁣You don't have to wait until the end of your life to experience one or the other.⁣


It's all happening in the Now.⁣


Collapse time and you'll know.⁣


Hell can be the feeling of STILL not being where you want to be despite all the steps you've taken.⁣


Being stuck in a loop,⁣


Groundhog day.⁣


The same reality playing out⁣


Over and over again.⁣⁣

Like an overused old-school mix-tape that no longer brings joy or meaning ⁣


And is starting to get unbearably messy; ⁣

tangled tape all over the place.⁣

Hell can be the feeling of being so out of control and not getting how this thing called life actually works.⁣⁣

Hell can be you externalising all your power to outer circumstances, people, heck, even to the moon and the cosmos (been there, done that, no thanks).⁣


Hell is a cop-out.⁣⁣⁣

(When it becomes your default)⁣

We are Sovereign Beings.⁣


And therefore..⁣


Life will test us..⁣


It will bring us to the limit.⁣

Over and over again.⁣


But all it's doing is inviting you, ⁣



to drop it.⁣


Drop the resistance.⁣

Drop the stories.⁣


Drop the expectations.⁣

Drop the ideas.⁣

Drop the cemented trajectory.⁣


And just let the Divine live you.⁣

Until then.. until the resistance is fully released⁣


(And you can kick and scream on your way there.. that's ok)⁣

You will be living your own version of hell on Earth.⁣


And it feels even more hellish.. because if you've woken up..⁣

You KNOW.⁣


You know that Heaven on Earth is real. You've felt it. Tasted it. Maybe even vowed to live it.⁣⁣

But like branches in the wind it always seems to dance just outside of your grasp,⁣


And outside your lived reality.⁣


But - good news (theres always good news. ⁣

There's always a silver lining, Always.)⁣

---> ⁣




LUMINARY LIVING is a choice.⁣

It's the choice to do the work.⁣

To get the support.⁣

To look at the darkness.⁣

To understand it... to quit the disassociation.⁣


For the darkness within is what creates the external hell.⁣


And until that's faced.. until that Shadow is loved, owned and integrated....⁣

And spiritual bypassing ends;⁣⁣

(aka no more of this: 'I will meditate, yoga and green juice my anxiety and fears away but not really sit with them or look at them')⁣


Heaven will never land.⁣

We are Sovereign Beings.⁣

It's a Free Will Universe.⁣⁣

Do you want it to land?⁣⁣

Can you handle it? ⁣

... the bliss, the sweetness?⁣

We're constantly invited to meet our edge... or retreat from it.⁣


We get to choose..⁣

We are Sovereign Beings.⁣


It's a Free Will Universe.⁣

Disclaimer: Hell can, and may need to,⁣

become your new normal,⁣

while you dig, deep, into the Shadow.⁣

For a while.⁣


That's okay.⁣


Just don't get stuck there.⁣


It will just be more hellish⁣

And will not release you,⁣


Until you quit resisting it.⁣

So. Quit resisting everything. And I mean everything..⁣


And watch the life you've dreamt of start to unfold.⁣

That's the alchemy.⁣

That's the magic.⁣


The magic you're invited into..⁣

Over and over again,⁣⁣

In every. ⁣


Now. ⁣



You're so ⁣

very ⁣



#fullyembodied #luminary⁣


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