Holistic lifestyle is a synergy of so many supportive factors that integrate and elevate all aspects as a whole. Another way of saying this is that we get to play with and enjoy so many amazing fun gifts from the earth and creations from conscious change-makers!

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Online Nutrition Program

This program is great for a DIY transition to a healthy life when you're starting from scratch and want to follow along on your own.

For someone who needs hands on guidance and support, and is looking to go deeper, I highly suggest checking out The Art of Radiance health coaching program.


JOIN the JSHealth Program.

Contact me here for the 35% LF discount code. Be sure to use the link below for purchase.





Luminous Femme's foundation is Shakti Activation. And an incredible way to wake up your Sacred Feminine energy is by cultivating a yoni egg practice.

I have partnered with an incredible brand that sources the highest quality crystals from around the worlds, direct from the sustainable mines, and ensures that no harmful sealants, oils, additives or chemicals are used - you only get high-vibe, love-filled and potently blessed pure earth crystals for your personal use. The owner/founder, Chelsey, is amazing and personally selects and sources the best minerals with many different benefits so you can choose an egg (or a set!) that is tailored to your specific needs and intentions.



Why did I choose to work with Chelsey? The Yoni Crystals are


direct from the mine

All of our yoni eggs, wands and orbs are sourced directly from mine owners in Canada, Madagascar and Mexico so we can have a clear view of our products through every stage of production.

ethical treatment

Since we meet with the mine owners directly, we make certain the miners are treated well and paid fairly. Additionally, our packaging and all Yoni Crystals accessories are produced in Bali where we work closely with local artisans.

crystals safe for internal use

To maintain the integrity of our crystals and it’s safety to women, we ensure the entire mining, carving and polishing process is free of chemicals, dyes, and artificial additives. Our crystal packaging and Yoni Crystals accessories are also made from natural, organic, vegan material.

energetically blessed

To ensure that Yoni Crystals are resonate to the womb our founder, Chelsey, uses her expertise in Crystal Healing to cleanse, charge and program the crystals with unconditional love and the vibrational frequency of their purest, most natural state.

womb-wellness worldwide

We’re passionate about empowering the nurturing and creative force that is Woman. To expand this mission we’re committed to donating 1% of our profits to charities that support women suffering from sexual trauma & oppression.


Pssst! I will be offering online group courses on Yoni Love in the near future and share the teachings of this practice now in private Mentorship packages with 1:1 clients.  

BONUS: For a limited time only and while availability lasts, upon purchase book a free 15 min coaching call with me on using your yoni egg and cultivating your sacred practice! 

Please note these eggs may not ship to Qatar at this time. Please contact me directly for enquiry.


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(Online Certification & Study Programs by Ronnie Landis)

Are you interested in deepening your wisdom and knowledge in holistic health? Are you aspiring to help others as a coach too? This is for YOU! 

I get a lot of questions on what I studied to be able to do the work I do, and although there is so much more that I draw upon, an incredible foundation is a powerful understanding of holistic health and lifestyle to support healing from within that I got from deeply studying holistic health, after experiencing my own health challenges and healing from them.

My amazing friend and teacher and supernova in the Health industry, Ronnie Landis, created theses amazing mastery programs, the only one I recommend with my whole heart up until now. Study from anywhere in the world - all you need is your phone and an internet connection!

If you are looking to get certified as a Holistic Health Coach, check out the programs here (Holistic Health Mastery + Tonic Herbal Mastery and contact me to get started.



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