The LF Sessions are a combination of a coaching session with clarity and insight on what's challenging you at the moment or where you'd like to work deeper within yourself on your self-development and growth journey, and loving, energetic space-holding and healing. 

You'll be invited to share where you currently desire to shift/heal/grow/lighten up.. and I will be there, deeply listening, holding sacred space and offering intuitive guidance for your journey.

Each session is typically 75-minutes long.



Sessions can include any or even all of the below. Please note sessions are intuitive and I include what I feel to be the most helpful to you during our time together.

- Guided grounding +  Shakti Activation + energy clearing meditation. This is different every time and includes reconnecting you to your Source + universal intelligence, waking up your third-eye (intuition) and connecting to your 3 Femme power centers along your Chakra system.

- EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique/ Tapping) This is used to move stuck energy and shift mental blocks that are really getting you down and blocking your flow and freedom.

- Shakti Activation + Sacred Feminine Embodiment Practice. Dance and embodiment movement to move stuck energy and awaken your sacred feminine may also be explored. This is FUN, and non-intimidating and gets you out of your head into the body - the whole point + power of sacred femme work.

- Powerful Visualization Exercise. This technique helps you to powerfully identify your deepest desires, envision what you wish to create, and literally 'see' what your future self has already created.

- Intro to Yoni Egg Basic Practice. This is for you if you are interested in cultivating your yoni egg practice or have just bought your first egg.

- Holding sacred space, deep listening - this on it's own is super powerful!

- Homework and recommendations for next steps.

- Email access for one full week following your session for follow-up support.




You can book one session or a pack of three.

For deeper work and for real metamorphosis over time, while cultivating a sacred, fun and transformational mentor-mentee relationship as your guide, sister, and confidante - check out the Mentorship packages, which take you deep into The Pleasure Principle and incredible divine feminine work. They always begin with an LF Session - so you're in the right place in any case!

As always, if you have any questions - feel free to send me a message.


Let's get started.

You are beyond worthy of healing, happiness, freedom and power in your skin and your life, and I am here to be your humble guide, insightful mentor and biggest cheerleader. And I promise to make it fun, deeply fulfilling and freeing


When the yoga, green juice and meditation isn't cutting it - it's time to dive in deeper and bring in a new awareness.

I walk you through the spaces within you you may have been disconnected from - (your Sacred Femininity, par example), and the aspects you are either unaware of or avoiding.. such as your inner shadow - the parts of yourself you don't like, suppress, and disown.

Within the Shadow - we find the lead that's just waiting to be alchemised into gold.

Discover your Sacred Self - your highest Self, embodied - through the art of radiant, sacred living.

I can't wait to meet you. Read more here. Connect with me here.


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