what is mentorship?

The LF Mentorship is an intensive, nourishing 1:1 dive into the philosophy of Luminous Femme with Heba Tallah, founder of LF. It's a potent journey into the full embodiment of divine feminine energy and source consciousness so you can rise into your power, grace, beauty and Divine Perfection, now.

It's a private VIP one-on-one program personalized to your unique needs.

When you know you're ready for real, lasting transformation inside out into the free, divine, aligned, sensual and empowered woman you truly are - and desire personal support on letting go of the past and old limitations, this new journey of writing your new story and fully embodying your true essence... let's talk.

Beauty, this may be the initiation you've been waiting for.

This program is a portal to expand into your potential as a woman and uncover your natural divine radiance. To discover that everything you need is already within you waiting to be unlocked.

And to have personal, fierce, loving and no-BS support through your journey as you blossom and ascend.


TOGETHER, we will


- Heal your shadow, inner child and old blocks and limitations keeping you stuck.

- Explore, heal through, and embody the multitude of feminine archetypes within.

- Transform your relationship to your self and body into the deepest self-love you can imagine.

- Embrace daily sacred feminine embodiment practices and conscious, sensuous movement to amplify into your Divine Feminine.

- Take your self-care to the next level and discover holistic radiance; detoxing your body of endocrine and hormone disruptors.

- Embrace and transform through your cycles, sacred sexuality and femmebody.

- Amplify into grounded spirituality and deeply connect with Source, your guides. the Angelics and your Higher Self on the daily.  

- Elevate your consciousness and discover your unique role as the planet ascends.



    Transform past old fears and limitations into opportunities for growth and discover your unique soul signature - and your story. Manifest the life you desire. Increase your self-love so deep self-love is your new non-negotiable and radiant foundation you create EVERYTHING in your life with.

    Activate and embody your sacred feminine energy and become fully self-empowered, free, aligned, and radiant.

    Read on, and if my words trigger or resonate deeply with you, it may be that it's a clue to what you are disowning within yourself and craving to claim.

    Are you ready?


    MONTH 1

    Source, Spirit  & Deep Self-Love 



    MONTH 2

    The Sacred Feminine Rising

    Shakti Activation


    MONTH 3

    Sacred Sensuality & Sex

    Reclaiming your divine sensuality, sexuality, creativity, fertility and embodied Shakti


    MONTH 4

    Holistic Radiance & Lifestyle Integration

    Reclaiming your divine sensuality, sexuality, creativity, fertility and embodied Shakti




    • A gorgeous digital Welcome Packet to introduce you to the program
    • 3 months of high-touch, loving guidance and direct support from Heba
    • 1 x 2 hour startup intensive session to deep-dive and begin our program
    • 3 x 90-minute private, customized coaching sessions including guided meditations every month
    • 1 bonus 45 minute emergency session you can use anytime you need extra support
    • E-mail support and transformative homework in between sessions
    • WhatsApp and Voxer access to me for anytime guidance
    • 3 Energy Healing sessions to focus on your specific needs Healing and grounding guided meditations audios recorded especially for you
    • Customized resources and materials to meet your specific desires
    • Recommended Reading list of books to support your journey
    • Exclusive VIP discount on all of my upcoming workshops, retreats and online programs, LF shop items + partner companies, for life
    • BONUS Access to LF-approved program for easy health makeover with recipes and lifestyle tips to complement your SacredSelf transformation.
    • A powerful, loving, sacred container for healing, growth and accountability, personalized support, and alchemy.

    PLUS: Enjoy complementary access to the SacredSelf Lifestyle & Goddess Rituals Ebook to support your journey with exercises, lifestyle tips, sensual embodiment practices, cycle syncing tips, nutrition tips and support on your yoni egg and wand exercises. (Launching soon!)




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