Allow me to tell you a story.. you may find it sounds like yours, or not. Let's find out.


Instead of looking at those years as wasted years however, I see them as a time of valuable lessons and an insight into the collective psyche - experiencing myself what so many struggle with! 


was a perfectionist in everything, started so many things and never finished them. 

I got married young (well - 23 is not that young but I now know I was !) and although there was real love it was an unhappy partnership, for many reasons which I will not go into here. Suffice it to say 

Helping you to harness and wield your own inner power and rise into the woman you came here to be is what I am most passionate about. I've found that most women have disconnected from their feminine essence and energy,  which is where our true power lies. Since birth we were told that femininity was weak and that in order to be accepted, successful, wealthy, we need to depend on men or become like them. Luminous Femme is all about repairing and healing this concept from our collective psyche as women and that starts with each of us going within to bring balance back into our inner sacred feminine and masculine aspects so we can find union and love within, instead of judgement, lack and frustration. Becoming a whole, healthy and fully embodied woman means healing the inner selves and discovering more of who and what we truly are. I'm excited to share this journey with you and invite you to dive deep into Luminous Femme to explore and expand beyond what you believed was possible for yourself as a woman.