LinkedIn will tell you I’m a yoga teacher and women’s empowerment, leadership and well-being coach and entrepreneur..

But my heart and soul will say I’m a visionary, loving, no-BS multi-dimensional Warrior Priestess of the Light, here to champion the rise of the Sacred Feminine and Masculine and the pathway to divine union, unity consciousness and the rise of Sacred Leadership as we transition to Nova Gaia (New Earth).


And they’re both right. In their own way.

I’m here to bridge the material to the mystic. The 3D to the 5 (and beyond).

I’m here to shine a light on all the dark places you forgot to love.

And show you how perfect you are amongst all the so-called imperfections.

I’m here to show you that home is a place within your heart.

And that it’s time to walk home, together.

Mostly, I’m a reflection of You.