Are ready to experience energetic, spiritual mentorship and 1:1 support for deep, cellular change.

Are not afraid of a lot of self-exploration, introspection, and looking within and embracing the dark, disowned parts of yourself you'd rather hide from, for lasting healing.

Feeling like you are in a place of transition, or feeling stuck

Feeling like you are operating on auto-pilot & forcing instead of allowing

Have enough of replaying old stories and living by old limitations and are ready to shift and create change.

Have the sense of being disconnected from those things or relationships that have given you joy and filled you up in the past

Are ready to create new habits and let go of what doesn't serve you.

Struggle with taking action on doing what you know you want to do.

Are ready to get uncomfortable and jump out of your comfort zone in order to transform.

Are serious about up-leveling and ready to invest in yourself (time, energy, finances).

Are ready to create space for change and new habits.

Desire to cultivate your personal spiritual practice + and nutritional support system in a way that is organic to you and your lifestyle.

Are feeling it's time to fall deeply in love with yourself and your life.

Feel like your life is missing some of it’s spark or color.

Are generally happy and fulfilled but looking to go next level and connect to your Sacred Femininity






Don't want to really change old stories and don't feel ready to dig deep.

Feel satisfied with your life as it is.

Prefer to stay in a life that feels familiar.

Are not ready to invest in yourself in any way.