"Heba Tallah is bringing Women's Empowerment to the Middle East."

- Ruby Warrington.

Author, Material Girl, Mystical World



"Heba's light shines so bright. Her divine love, impeccable talent, and devotion to service are just a few of the qualities she brings to Luminous Femme.

A wonderful woman, friend, guide and teacher. I highly recommend LF to anyone in search of themselves, and their higher purpose."

- Kimberley Evans



"I'm not the same person I was before the workshop. I feel the difference. Even my sleep changed. I look at myself in a different way now. Thank you so much."

- H.S.



“Heba is a Life Luminizer who sees what's blocking your light essence and vitality. She teaches you tools to expand your energy so you can share
your gorgeous gifts at the highest level with the world.”




I came to Heba asking for advice regarding healthy lifestyle, nutrition and exercise and I ended up receiving so much more. She not only spent time educating me but taught me how to look for my own answers - she empowered me and showed me that I can accomplish anything I want but at the same time made sure I knew that I was already enough and did not 'need' to change. The biggest difference between Heba and other coaches is that she will not leave you feeling you need her to continue your healing journey - she points you to the right resources to keep going and sustain the healthy lifestyle on your own. On top of that, Heba is an amazing woman and working with her will make you feel like you've got the most present, tuned-in guide and friend by your side.