Luminous Femme

Hello beautiful.

I’m excited you’ve landed here.

And I trust that if you’re here - there’s something for you waiting to be discovered.

Luminous Femme is a platform for the awakened and ascending woman ready to rise into a wider awareness and understanding of her Self, and her existence; her purpose and her destiny.

She’s the woman ready to claim her birthright of a meaningful life of vitality, radiance, sacred sensuality, sovereignty, inner power, mastery and prosperity.

She’s the woman ready to love up her darkness and see it as the lead ready to be transmuted and alchemised into pure gold. And heal all that has ever held her back.

She’s the woman ready to create a legacy of love and live her highest truth and deepest desires - in sex, love, relationships, family, business, career, lifestyle, and leadership.

Unapologetically. And unashamedly.


To live as, and serve, Love.

.. To discover and embody herself fully..

and lead as a luminary light in this time of great awakening on this planet.

Whether that’s at the office, as a home-maker and/or mama, or beyond as a blossoming entrepreneur and global change-maker.

Is she you?

If you know you’re here to elevate your own consciousness and then lead others to do the same,

to be the light by virtue of your presence

grounded in sacred feminine energy

released from go-go-go toxic masculine mode

embracing the empowered, divine feminine and masculine union within

and assisting us in co-creating a new collective reality based on living consciously, from the heart and sharing our unique gifts for the benefit of all

Co-creating a new paradigm for our new earth.

Simply by being yourself.

Free. In your skin. In pleasure. In embodied freedom.

Then I’d say, you’ve definitely landed in the right space.



These offerings are my signature programs after a lifetime of exploring, experiencing, studying, researching, and embodying what it means to be an empowered woman, on every level.

You’re invited explore and see what resonates with you on your journey now..



luminous sensuality

the initiation

the signature 12-week live group course




ready to activate your sacred sensual self and radiant light?

If you’re looking to get initiated into Sacred Sensuality practices within supportive sisterhood; awaken to your divine feminine energy, and supercharge your natural inside-out radiance whilst embodying your inner Venus, this is for you.




the Fully EmbodieD™ mentorship

the signature 4-month one-on-one program




activate your Shakti. awaken your Wild Woman. embody ALL of you. ready to become the woman you came here to be?

When you know you were born for more and desire deep 1:1 mentorship and support on your journey to releasing everything that holds you back from shining your brilliant feminine self.. this is for you. This is the signature Fully Embodied™ MAGNETISM Mentorship program that has inspired this whole platform and is the most popular offering to date.

I will be by your side as you let go of all your limiting patterns and activate your sacred sensuality, your inner Priestess, Goddess and fiery feminine nature. So you can finally be free to live the life you came for and magnetise to you everything you’ve always deeply desired. Let’s go.





the fully embodied mentorship (level II)

the second signature 4 / 6 month one-on-one program



get initiated into luminary leadership. are you ready to claim yourself as a visionary leader and femmepreneur?

When you’ve got the Magnetism piece down and are fully embodied in your Divine Feminine energy.. and are ready to step things up a notch.. You’re welcome to Luminary. This signature 1:1 mentorship was naturally birthed after demand from Magnetism mentees ready to set the world on fire and create an empire of light. If that’s not you yet but you resonate don’t worry there’s an option to combine the two. This is for those phoenix Priestesses rise from the ashes ready to gain crystal clarity, embody their Luminary essence and finally launch their online conscious business for location-independence, financial freedom, prosperity, and full-on service to the collective doing what they love.




the biz school you’ve always wanted.


coming soon


 Not quite sure what’s right for you or have questions?  


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