Intuitive Radiance Activation + Healing Sessions


These sessions are a combination of a strategic coaching session with clarity and insight on where you'd like to work deeper within yourself, alongside loving, energetic space-holding.

Guided meditation with visualization and energy healing moves stagnant energy + blocks, reconnects you to your inner power, and activates your natural inside-out radiance. Some light, seated yoga may be included.

Sessions are held online (Zoom) or in person.


Each session is typically 75-90 minutes long.



Sessions can include any or even all of the below. Please note sessions are intuitive and I include what I feel to be the most helpful to you during our time together.

  • Holding sacred space for deep listening - this on it's own is super powerful. Pure alchemy.

  • Coaching and consulting on any aspect of your life and inner self you feel you need support with. Once we are clear on the intention for the session, we move into the more feminine, healing aspects of our session to move the energy. Gain potent clarity and deep insight.

  • Guided grounding, Source + Shakti Activation Meditation. This is my signature guided meditation that I include in every session, meditation or yoga class. It’s different every time and includes reconnecting you to your Source + universal intelligence, waking up your third-eye (intuition) and connecting to your 3 Femme power centers along your Chakra system.

  • Energy Healing the aspects of your energy body and emotional body that needs love, light and energetic support.

  • Shakti Activation + Sacred Feminine Embodiment Practice. Gentle movement and embodiment techniques may be used to move stuck energy and awaken your sacred feminine. This is fun, intuitive, and non-intimidating and gets you out of your head into the body - the whole point + power of sacred femme work.

  • Powerful Visualization Exercise. This technique helps you to powerfully identify your deepest desires, envision what you wish to create, and literally 'see' what your future self has already created.

  • Oracle Card Reading from my favorite decks for extra guidance + to close out our time together!

  • Homework and recommendations for next steps.

  • Email access for one full week following your session for follow-up support.



You can book one session or a pack of three (save $). If you choose a pack of three use this link.


PAYMENT POLICY: All packages are non-refundable once purchased. Please note that sessions can be rescheduled anytime within 5 months of purchase date. In event of travel, sessions can be held online at your convenience.


For deeper work and for real metamorphosis over time, while cultivating a sacred, fun and transformational mentor-mentee relationship as your guide, sister, and confidante - check out the Coaching + Mentorship packages, which take you deep into The Pleasure Principle and incredible divine feminine + holistic lifestyle transformation work. They always begin with an Intuitive Radiance Activation + Healing Session - so you're in the right place in any case.

As always, if you have any questions - feel free to send me a message or book a complementary clarity call here.


Heba is a Life Luminizer who sees what’s blocking your light essence and vitality. She teaches you tools to expand your energy so you can share your gorgeous gifts at the highest level with the world.