Luminous Femme

Discover a More Sensual, Magnetic & Sovereign Way of Being.


Question…. Have you always felt like there was more - more to you, more to life?


That voice deep inside you, that says you’re more beautiful and more impactful than you allow yourself to believe, and that you’re here for something BIG… is right.

I’m here to put up a mirror and say no, you’re not imagining, it, and YES, it’s time gorgeous… to allow that voice to take precedence over any others.

So you can finally Fully Embody your own Radical Self-Love, Self-Worth, Magnetism, Radiance, Sacred Sensuality, Divinity, Prosperity and Luminary Light.

Because it’s time to co-create your destiny as a liberated, fully alive and sovereign woman; thriving as a Divine Feminine leader and way-shower on Gaia.


You are here to change the world, by being fully, unapologetically You.


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Become Undeniably, Deliciously Magnetic + Lead as a Luminary.

Ready to Breakthrough?


Hi beauty, I’m Heba Tallah.


And this is a Platform for the Now Feminine Luminary, that I’ve created for you.

When you know you’re here for MORE

and that mediocrity and playing small simply isn’t an option anymore.

When you’re ready to stop spinning your wheels, and ease into full radiance, embodiment, sacred sensuality, sovereignty, and divine feminine leadership.

You’re invited into this portal and platform for support and sisterhood.


join the Global Sisterhood Movement

Boundless Pleasure, Bliss, Prosperity - and Sacred Sisterhood - are your Birthright.





"Heba's light shines so bright.

Her divine love, impeccable talent, and devotion to service are just a few of the qualities she brings to Luminous Femme. A wonderful woman, friend, guide and teacher. I highly recommend LF to anyone in search of themselves, and their higher purpose."

- Kimberley Evans


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