Yoni Eggs were originally known as Jade Eggs which were the original mineral gemstone these eggs were designed with. Now we have many more minerals to choose from but I always suggest starting with a traditional Nephrite Jade Egg. The yoni egg practice is based on an ancient Taoist tradition that is over 2000 years old, and was developed by three female advisors of the Yellow Emperor. The Chinese royal dynasty used this modality to cultivate sexual energy and vitality, and improve longevity and reproductive health.

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direct from the mine

All of our yoni eggs, wands and orbs are sourced directly from mine owners in Canada, Madagascar and Mexico so we can have a clear view of our products through every stage of production.

ethical treatment

Since we meet with the mine owners directly, we make certain the miners are treated well and paid fairly. Additionally, our packaging and all Yoni Crystals accessories are produced in Bali where we work closely with local artisans.

crystals safe for internal use

To maintain the integrity of our crystals and it’s safety to women, we ensure the entire mining, carving and polishing process is free of chemicals, dyes, and artificial additives. Our crystal packaging and Yoni Crystals accessories are also made from natural, organic, vegan material.

energetically blessed

To ensure that Yoni Crystals are resonate to the womb our founder, Chelsey, uses her expertise in Crystal Healing to cleanse, charge and program the crystals with unconditional love and the vibrational frequency of their purest, most natural state.

womb-wellness worldwide

We’re passionate about empowering the nurturing and creative force that is Woman. To expand this mission we’re committed to donating 1% of our profits to charities that support women suffering from sexual trauma & oppression.



Every crystal purchase comes with a free clarity consultation call with me on using your yoni egg and cultivating your practice, my special gift to you. Simply connect upon purchase here to schedule it.


“Enlightenment is found in the Yoni.”